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I am a consultant and analyst with eight years of military law enforcement experience, six years of analytical experience covering Latin America, and over seven years of analytical experience covering Mexican TCOs and border violence issues. This blog is designed to inform readers about current border violence issues and provide analysis on those issues, as well as detailed focus on specific border topics. By applying my knowledge and experience through this blog, I hope to separate the wheat from the chaff...that is, dispel rumors propagated by sensationalist media reporting, explain in layman's terms what is going on with Mexican TCOs, and most importantly, WHY violence is happening along the US-Mexico border.


With over a dozen years of combined experience in military law enforcement, force protection analysis, and writing a variety of professional products for the US Air Force, state government in California, and the general public, Ms. Longmire has the expertise to create a superior product for you or your agency to further your understanding of Mexico’s drug war. Longmire Consulting is dedicated to being on the cusp of the latest developments in Mexico in order to bring you the best possible analysis of threats posed by the drug violence south of the border.

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May 30, 2012


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An "armed citizen group" is defined by individual members, but such groups are 'defined' by the worst-acting individual. I'd love to see LE willing to provide private training for militia members at the private citizen's cost...

Something that is not specifically forbidden by law is inherently permitted. I forget the Latin terminology...

With the passage of this bill (should it have passed and been become law) I am sure that there would have been any number of individuals/activists/politicians out there that would claim that there is only ONE authorized militia. The one authorized militia would then be regulated into obscurity.

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