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February 15, 2011


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it has been said they were driving a vehicle with diplomatic plates, apparently they were followed, blocked in, and then ran off the road.

Driver is said to have died after being evacuated. Second agent is stable.

Well if we are to believe Narco News and Bill Conroy’s account which is based on ‘’ a law enforcement source with inside knowledge of the attack’’ the agents were then specifically targeted. Certainly if that were in fact to be the case it would come as no surprise for me, and in fact surprised only in that it hadn’t already happened much soon. Here’s why: There are no lines any more. Lines which SAC/ELP themselves had a hand in erasing several years ago during their ‘’Lalo’’ days. No one held accountable then, just as no one will be held accountable now concerning the ATF and the death of the Patrol Agent in AZ. Can I hear a ‘lets clean up are own act’ instead of slipping deeper into that which we are supposed to stand against?


Perhaps they were run off the road and a higher caliber weapon was fired repeatedly at the windshield. I don't think the windshield glass, even when armored, can resist a repeated barrage of higher caliber bullets, like those of an AK47.

It's time to get our people out of Mexico, and close the border. Mexico is out of control, but it's not up to the United States to police the whole world. The United States could and should effectively close the border to control everything that moves North or South. This will put a big dent in drug smuggling, illegal migration, and eliminate the so-called "Iron River of Guns" flowing South - which may only be an "Iron Trickle of Guns" - regardless of ATF propaganda. Mexico needs to step up and control her own border - to supplement our own control. Let's get a legal "guest worker" program going and control the migration problem.

by what i read on other pages was that the passanger cracked his window and the Ahole put his handgun thru the cracked window to open fire also on some pics u can c damage to the right side of the veichle where shots where fired but did not penetrate the veihcle so in my opinion i think the agent cracked his window when they where barricaded

Sylvia ...

the real "facts" keep creeping out slowly. The media is now reporting that the ICE agents were intercepted while traveling SOUTH towards Mexico City, after leaving Monterrey. The media is also saying that the ICE agents identified themselves to their cartel attackers as representatives of the US government - which must mean that they had one window rolled down in their vehicle. That could explain how they were shot.

It is unclear if the ICE agents were targeted just because they were driving a vehicle that is attractive to drug smugglers (Chevy Suburbans are a prime target, and I would guess that hardened vehicles are even more attractive to carjackers). Or instead, were the Zeta's actually following the movements of the ICE agents and intercepting them for some reason? But it seems like it would be difficult for someone to know exactly who is in a hardened SUV with tinted windows - until the vehicle was forced off the highway and the occupants identified.

On the positive side - one ICE agent survived and has been released from hospital. So the authorities on our side know a LOT more details about this incident than they are telling us.

The real issue is WHY Mexico does not legally allow US law enforcement personnel to carry guns to defend themselves while traveling on the roads. Especially in northern Mexico - which is a free for all.

I can't imagine how any Americans would be driving on those roads and not have the option to defend themselves with firearms. It doesn't make any sense.

Calderon needs to take a reality pill and pass a law to allow legal gun ownership in Mexico. There is no other solution.


Article in the San Antonio Express News today.

Jo ... thanks for the news link above. That helps to explain a lot.

Agent Jaime Zapata was a real hero - for the way he responded after the Zeta's started shooting into his vehicle. Think about the physcial and psychological shock involved when a criminal fires an AK-47 into the cab of a closed vehicle. The shock must be immense. It took incredible determination and courage by Zapata to get that vehicle back in gear and driving up the road - after fatal rounds were fired into his body. That action probably saved his partner's life.

I notice that a major screw-up was caused by the automatic door locks on the Chevy Suburban. The door locks apparently opened by themselves after the vehicle was stopped and put in park. That allowed the gangsters to pull open the doors and start dragging Zapata out of the SUV.

I mention this issue because my family drives a Japanese SUV and that vehicle also has idiotic things that happen with the door locks. Sometimes the locks close when you don't want them to. Sometimes they stay locked when you expect them to open. These new electronic systems in these cars are designed by idiots. It can actually create a major safety hazard if you are a victim of crime.

It appears that the Zeta's have provided an answer to a question that Sylvia asked earlier on this blog. Is Mexico experiencing a "war". The answer is YES according to the Zeta's, regardless of what Calderon may think (or call it). The Zeta's seem to be believe they can kill anyone with impunity.

My prayers for Mr. Zapata's family and colleagues.


One additional follow-up to my earlier comment above.

I asked around to find out why the door locks on a Chevy Suburban would automatically unlock when you put the vehicle in park. It turns out that the feature was added to protect drivers who had health problems. There were some incidents where older drivers pulled their SUV over to the side of the road because they were having a heart attack. Once the driver was incapacitated, they were locked inside their SUV and it was impossible for outside rescuers to get to them. So the door lock design was modified so that the locks would automatically OPEN if the vehicle was brought to a stop and put into PARK.

The problem is - this design feature is highly dangerous if the driver is facing a criminal attack from outside the vehicle, instead of a health problem.

The moral is: If you are driving in unsafe surroundings where criminal activity is present, make sure your door locks are set to manual operation ONLY.


What I dont understand, and what we are probably not being told, is why were these agents taking such a long drive when they should have been flying? They know the violence in Mexico and of the fake road blocks. These agents know they can not be armed in Mexico, which by the way is ridiculous, yet they are traveling in Mexico without an escort. Am I not catching this, or is something just not right???

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