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February 23, 2011


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My guess...fall guy. But i'm also willing to bet the US investigation won't stop there...

The US couldn´t impose death as punishment upon this individual if extradited because the extradition treaty between both countries specifically excludes that posibility, he faces life without parole that´s it. Please take him and his gang away for life!

I doubt seriously if the young thugs which the Mexicans put on display had much if anything to do with the event. What is more interesting for me has to do with what came from the AP interview with the family of the murdered agent:

I find it quite strange that Zapata would tell his mother just days before his death that he was going to be a ‘’ hero and become famous’’ as has widely been reported. Given the reported fact that Zapata was no greenhorn to federal law enforcement, to include a stint with the Border Patrol prior to his signing on with ICE, it is a given that he understood well neither ‘’hero’’ nor ‘’ famous ‘’ status were likely to come his way for simply performing his duties as several thousand others have, do and will do in the future. His declaration had to be based upon something much more involved than that of the everyday world of drugs and Alien Smuggling. Given the fact that the government first put out that Zapata and his partner had been attending some training classes, only to change their story to be more in line with what Narco News had first reported , about their mission of the day being to link up with other agents in some kind of an ‘’equipment transfer ‘’ leads me to believe that Zapata was involved in something that hasn’t been shared with us as yet.
This entire event has been kind of mind numbing to say the least: Two agents take off on a 500 mile plus road trip which would take them directly through what the governments knew to be an area controlled by heavily armed criminals who often set up ambushes disguised as lawful roadblocks , with no weapons or escort of any shape nor form? That the agents would feel secure enough to stop for food, and to later mistake a criminal roadblock for that of a military one? Am I supposed to think that this agency, this world wide federal investigative agency did not have the foresight to at the very least determine if there were lawful military check points planned for the area during the timeframe which the agents would be using the route?

Far too much about this entire event which doesn’t pass the smell test me.


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