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September 20, 2010


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A concise definition of the modern nation state is "a corporation that possesses a monopoly on violence within a geographic area."
Because the modern state evolved out of the European religious wars, the state doesn't exist to make sure my rights are not violated, it exists to impose order. Now if the Mexican state is unable or unwilling to impose order then there are 2 consequences. The US or the UN could go in and run the place like Haiti, or Mexico could devolve into something else, Narcofeudalism?

If this was happening in America, we would already be under martial law.


No matter how you spin it torture is torture….and you are either for it or against it. I’m against it.

I travel atleast 3 times amonth to tijuana it seems more safe but the city is dirty about violence I haven't heard anything big like a shoout .. I hope we can travel more ..and yes cops should take over and step up but overall I see more americans going over the border which is good for the tijuanas economy..

I think Julian Leyzaola knows his way around in Tijuana and knows what he's doing,I'm not saying it's right I'm saying it's Mexico.

It could be that the Tijuana media is being pressured not to report on the crime situation by the city administration. The Union-Tribune had an article this weekend about Jorge Ramos. The article said he was lashing out at the U.S. media for reporting about the insecurity in T.J. In the article there was a mention on how Tijuana newscasts were being told to tone down their reporting on crime in an effort to help the city's tarnished image.
It's just my opinion but I believe Leyzaola is in the pocket of El Ingeniero. Just doesn't seem believable that the Sinaloa group would just pick up and leave. I would think they would send other groups into the area to try and take control. For a while it looked like El Teo was going to wipe out El Ingeniero and Leyzaola.

I'm sorry to say this, but the fourth paragraph of your analysis just makes you sound like an ignorant gringo. The PDH is an institution with much weight in Mexico, and its pressure against Leyzaola is taken into consideration by the educated citizenry of the state of Baja California. You simply can't say "the mayor and residents of Tijuana have likely reached that point of 'desperate times call for desperate measures.'" and expect to be taken seriously.

As you so aptly put it, Mexico is not the USA. Arguably, living in Mexico is more dangerous than living in Iraq or Afghanistan. There have been over 29,000 deaths in Mexico since El Presidente Calderon started his war on DTOs in Mexico. To me, Mexico's ethical, honest, honorable LEO need to take off the kit gloves and go to war in earnest against these thugs. How soon we forget Al Capone in Chicago and the Mafia in NYC! Our public schools are failing to teach history as a tool for applying it to today's situations.

How does one meet violent evil? With counseling? How does a nation fight egregeous blood letting? With negotiation? Nope. If one must use the minimal force necessary to win, then that force must be more than equal to the violence. That's the way it is with war. The way it is in sport too. Sport protects against personal damage. War and corruption could not care less about damage and in fact loves to damage. So to kid glove these criminals is to design failure in a fight against them. Let them know loudly that they will be destroyed - utterly destoyed. Then without pulling any punches, destroy them.

The bad guys are being tortured by police around the same time Tijuana chills out? That's not a coincidence. Though temporary I'm sure, but if results are coming around then this form of direct action from the police seems to be working.

I Like how the Mexican perspective was shared here, that's absent in our news. It makes sense to me that if the public is in a position of desperation than they would hardly feel for the detained.

But all of that sort of optimism blows to the wind if this guy is pulling false confessions that he can add to his record! In a position of desperation, that seems like a plausible thing to me.

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