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August 30, 2010


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I believe sometimes the best answer is the most obvious one..and in this case..its the Zetas. If I've researched correctly, they are heavily involved in human trafficking, extortion and smuggling as a part of their business. And when your "company" is full of killers,pyschopaths, and degenerates running the show, well atrocities like this probably happen more often then not.

And another point is these "in-humans" have not a shred of sympathy for their own country men much less people from another country. NOTHING is worth more then the almighty Dollar. Not love, not compassion, not emotion, just greed and ego.

The truth in the matter is much uglier then we would all dare to think. How many are still missing that we do not know of...but are lying in a mass grave somewhere in mexico to never be found for all time? Quite a few I'd say.

i strongly doubt the theory about another dto trying to frame the zetas. they would have to be medical experts be able to shoot someone in the neck in a manner that would allow that person to live and walk for miles. i doubt that they could have shot the lone survivor and dropped him off with orders to put the finger on the z. if someone was trying to frame the z, then why only leave one survivor who is apparently mortally wounded?

The murdering of the seventy some people while being horrific, certainly cannot be deemed as unexpected nor more shocking than the many other gruesome events taking place in Mexico over the past few years. When a country where it has become the norm for the people see, and for the world to read about heads being chopped off and bodies being dismembered and publicly displayed….’’hello Huston we got a problem here’’, they’re really should be no ’surprises’ at this late date as to what these killers are capable of. The apparent fact that the investigators sent to the area by Caldron have themselves been ’disappeared’, should give rise to thought by this supposedly caring and concerned people of the world that this event is simply one act of many, and business goes on. Don’t get me wrong here because I thoroughly despise what took place with these people. However I’d be most hesitant in thinking of this as a ‘benchmark’ in the slaughter that is taking place down there. Much more to what is taking place down there than many might think…and fewer yet would like to accept.

If we take the words of the escaping hostage as being the truth - and I see no reason to doubt him - then those migrants showed real courage. The Zeta's put them under pressure to change sides and become low-level smugglers & killers. What an ugly threat. Yet the migrants refused to do the bidding of the Zeta's - and paid the price with their own blood. That is real moral courage. We should all be humbled by this.

Are the Zeta's losing strength ... I am skeptical. They are continuing to recruit new hit men from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador (esp. Guatemala). If anything, they have more possibilities for finding new recruits than some other cartels. And it's possible that this is part of the reason why the Central American migrants met such a bitter end. Some of the enforcers for the Zeta's could well have their own roots in Central America - so they show no mercy to their own people.

Also, the reasoning would be that the Zetas would be losing strength because the drug-trafficking is being curtailed. Hence, the Zetas would need other revenue sources, human-trafficking more.

Despite Tony Tormenta being killed, it seems like right now reprisals are being taken on the Zetas but who is doing that is not clear.

Thankfully these events do not seem to be going on in Puebla, state or city but it seems now, most of the country is affected.

Also, incidences like this which I guess indeed did happen seem to terrorize the population, hurt the National Government. Tamaluipas is no place to be near nowadays.

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